Storyboard Outline helped me start

I watched “Finding Nemo”s and The Incredibles extra discs. I saw how they did a HUGE story board across the whole wall. I did that and wrote it down into my outline. Here’s how:
I had a large collection of “Stuff” when I started. Ideas, post-its, key pics, ideas for a cool scene here and there, an old story I wrote about my character….
I took my plot and found iconic photos (google pics or dreamstime) for key scenes throughout. I filled my wall with them, taped or thumbtacked up. Below each I put a full blank sheet. I wrote a handful of notes about what that scene was about, key details, key milestones the characters had to hit in it, the minutia notes I had collected.imdage003

I pushed these around on the wall until they were organized into a flowing story. Then I started at the first and wrote a post-it with CHAPTER ONE across the top of it, etc until I hit the end. I had over 30 at one point. Then I made a major cut and found I had Book one and Book 2 outlined.
I started a new word doc and wrote those notes into it with headers of Chapter 1, chapter 2 and the notes following. I am a “Hip” writer and felt so disorganized when contemplating writing out all these formless ideas into 300+ pages. I read my notes, looked at the pics, imagined my character living his way through that scene… and just started writing it out.
Now I had the small and doable task of writing “from the hip” just this one scene into a chapter.
These storyboard pics and their notes became the framework of individual chapters and helped me ensure I did what was needed to advance the plot within each chapter. It helped me ensure my characters said those quotable lines I wanted them to say there.
This was the outline for my novel. I made adjustments over time but it pretty much follows my original storyboard outline..

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