Revise Your Novel Workshop

chainsaw editorSince I am taking my 4th draft, compiling my beta reader’s feedback and revising for a final draft, this is timely.

I finished my first draft last summer. Since then I have put in far mor time editing and revising.  I have left my 4th draft alone for over a week so I could get some distance from it. In the meantime I read two other novels to get some fresh sci-fi brainfood powerup!

Now I am beginning my work on this round of revisions, some early tips suggested by my beta readers and a couple things I have realized myself. Its funny how something just pops into your head out of no-where.

WAHP “hey, writer, if you have this happen in chapter 6 then that has to happen in chapter 4 to set it up…” kind of things. Have to get the bad-guy’s minion’s names right all the way through, etc.

Janice Hardy has not just tips and suggestions, but an entire format, checklist, a freakin PLAN to follow to revise your WIP into the next great epic novel it could become.  I am going to work down this list and make it greatness.

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