Reviewed: “The Return: Conglomerate Series”

Great Military Scifi combat! Plot on par with Honor Harrington- Less human politics, more alien encounters.Bills The Return



WS Frisbee is a military tactics expert. This comes through in his novel, a speculation of possible future of Earth dystopian galaxy. The well rounded characters drive the plot, as they make decisions how to handle events and actions of others around them.

Hero Luke has had a long life as a successful Space Marine, fighting on many fronts. As with all great heroes, tragic loss has guided him into position and growth, to where he is found today. Luke continues to make the hard decisions, effecting those around him.

Can he sacrifice those he loves for the good of mankind? Can he sacrifice mankind for the good of his loved ones? Can he sacrifice himself for the good of all? Or will his ultimate tactics lead the enemy to dash themselves on the rocks of their dark principles?

I especially enjoyed the naming and programming scheme of the robotic AI’s. Robo-psychology 101? If we give an AI the name of a famous general, will it emulate said general in tactics, and success? In human psychology this is called setting an high expectation for the person to emulate. Will an AI give a damn about that? …if it is programmed to, perhaps.

Please join me in poking this great military scifi author to shoot his sequals through the hands of his editors ASAP so we can live in this exciting setting and dive facefirst into more gripping space marine action!


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