Jurassic Sci-Fi

Working on revisions over the last few days. I finally saw the Jurrasic World movie too.
Dino-GirlOut of that I decided to move up ome revelations of one character’s backstory that should peak some interest.

My redhead heroine is decribed in the book as coming from the planet of Amazons. Settling her homeworld, the early colonists ran into some difficult creatures and lost a lot of their first couple of waves of military, hunting and security types.  Being that is a field today 90% filled by males, the high loss rate led to an impabalnce of population in the young generations.
Women had to fill out those roles. I highlight the fact that women tend to have a higher natural eye-hand coordination. This natural strength led to a lot of women sniper/hunters handling the critter problem from arial platforms.  The fierceness of women protecting their families developed into a matriarchal culture of strong women. I decided to go even further with this and create for them an even stronger woman-warrior culture. (Or at least to explain it a bit more in this first work instead of a couple books later as first planned.)

One of my beta reader’s feedback was that they thought I was putting too many of the femal characters into old school traditional roles. So I had to highlight the fact that the “mom” character is the pilot of the starship. The “seductress” character is in a long line of ninja super spies useing poison to control silly men who get merely close enough to hit on her.  And the scantily clad cover model being rescued by my male hero actually ha hidden powers that make her one of the most dangerous peiople in the galaxy.
Here we see a hint of why it actually her rescuing him. She has a more clear baddass combat moment of awesome now,  frees him and sends him off to handle parts of the escape which he is best suited for, while she merely frees hundreds of slaves and prepares for the big rescue, as long as he doesnt screw it up.

In the end, he screws it up and she has to make a unique kind of appeal (using her special abilities) to the aliens to get out of it… which he swoops in and thinks is his doing. I hope it is all pretty clear now that I have worked on it another 2 months. Still more to go, but this aspect is much better now that I decided to reveal this part of her backstory in book 1.

I feel like I should not explain further besides dropping that pic as a kind of hint what it’s really like. Enjoy!.

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