Is this Christian Scifi?

They told me, if you can’t find the book you want to read, write it! So I did: Ceres 2525.
Contrary to most of the SciFi market, I wanted to read about how Christianity *thrives* in our future, not swept aside, mocked, or blasphemed as most SciFi mistreats our faith.
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I wanted to read about a positive future of mankind that was neither Utopian nor Dystopian. I wanted to read about a Christian hero who strongly defended the faith, his family, his country in ways inspired as much by David vs Goliath as Jesus’ restraint of Peter.
I wanted to read an adult-intelligence scifi novel written clean enough my mother and my pastor can read it without getting mad at me for what “I made them” read. No swearing, no sex, no morally questionable relationships other than man-woman and those within a lifelong marriage. No horrible gory bloody scenes- just detailed enough for the action saga so we know its a dangerous galaxy and the fights are real, not a care-bear fantasy world.
I wanted to read about a Galactic setting where men look chastely upon women, where women are strong enough to make their own path yet wise enough to seek a worthy partner for life. One where women are honored by proper chivalry vs complain about it as mysogeny, where courtship is a long process of discerning marriages before a short engagement, a betrothal, and only then intimacy. A romance story line where intimacy is not shown, although implied as in real life that a committed marriage can be every bit as passionate as read about in “romance” novels, but private details are properly kept private between the couple. This means romance is in, but sex is not in this book, lol.

 Ceres The Look

I wanted to read of our future galaxy,  with a good justification for how many of the amazingly interesting local cultures of Earth could be preserved into the future instead of washed away in the one world homogeneous movement. A galaxy full of of major regions where planets and colonists of similar mind founded their own sectors for mutual support. A galaxy with such variety of planets that almost any conceivable good story could find a way to be told, where heroes of action can find their legends… among the stars!
Imagine a galaxy like that? I did. I wrote my first novel set in that Galactic future. A big action hero space opera, in Ceres 2525 my gunfighter prays before dueling to save an innocent from slavery, he respects the women- not sickly sweet but by speaking to them as equals, a setting where bullies are opposed, where evil is not just prayed for but fought- hard, and destroyed as neccessary.
My hero is a sinner trying to become a saint, the girl does not easily fall for him–he’s going to have to win her heart on her terms. She grills him daily on his suitability for courtship based on his observation of his Commandments. The “girl” is not some wilting lily–she is as much or more the hero herself, with hidden abilities and the willingness to lead in the manner of a General, to send forth her champion to acheive her own ends.
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It is clean enough for YA and above while remaining an adult grade, full length, SciFi action novel: Ceres 2525.

Please read and review it for me. Let me know how I did on meeting the above intentions and principles. I am writing the sequel now, so you can help by giving me good feedback.  Thank you!


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