From Her POV

Growing up on Terran Tor, fraught with alien dangers,
      Only the strongest women survive. Those who rise to power,
             Lead their Matriarchal society, shaping the world.

Serenity set out to find a mentor, growing her secret abilities.
      She knew she could escape one pirate ship,
             But not… thousands of them!

Sensing the good, the compassion,
      The hero hidden within the pirate prince,
             Serenity put the thought into his mind to save her.

       *       *       *      *       *       *

If he survives his duel–the stakes: her life–
      She will give him a greater mission:
             Free not only her, but all the slaves.

Can she trust him?
     Lead him?
            Love him?

If he saves her body, can she save his soul?
      Can she stay her heart,
             From crashing into his, whole?
 New Serenity Pic WOW JPG
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