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My local newspaper, the award winning “Wake Weekly” of Wake Forest, NC, ran an article this year, on my local scifi book club’s special meeting. We were thrilled to have Sylvain Neuvel join us via Skype. He answered interactive group Q and A’s about his book “Waking Gods,” his setting, and his author journey.

Included in the news article by friend David Leone, was a very helpful guide to basic press release info sought by the paper. When you go for getting your book or signing event mentioned in *your* local paper, this template may come in handy.

Be sure in your introductory text, to play up your local connection to the coverage area of your paper. Are you from the hometown where the paper is delivered? Do you live there now? Or is the bookstore you are signing and speaking at in their town? Or is the setting of the book or a key character from there? Or is this your college alma mater’s paper or the hometown paper where you grew up and graduated High School? These are all better connections for possibly getting your book mentioned in the paper.

That’s a secret ProTip for getting into the local paper, make it a local story. If not you may not get in. YMMV.

Also,  my paper occasionally runs bookish stories. Your local paper may not have such a section, or may enjoy doing reviews of any book they can get a free copy of. Check with the editor first, because some refuse to review books if they are given free, or if they are not. Again, YMMV.

Here’s the template. If this is helpful make sure to let me know right back here, on Twitter at @MicheaLeeNelson, or on Facebook at “Micheal Lee Nelson, Author.” Thanks.


Book title:






Published date:


Author’s street address (will not be published):


(If author isn’t local to this newspaper’s coverage area, list other relationship to coverage area. e.g. business, church, organization, native, family here, book is about someone or something local):


Author or publisher’s website:


Author contact info (phone, email – not for publication) in case we have questions:


Hard copy location(s) (bookstore, shops):


Is the author previously published?:


Book synopsis:


Author’s brief bio:


Tell us why you wrote this book:”



Full disclosure: Micheal Lee Nelson recently took a part time job at the Wake Weekly newspaper mentioned in this article.


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