Draft 4 of CERES 2525

Progress report: I have my draft 3 back from my editor. I am going through these, accepting almost all. That means she’s good!

It will be draft 4 when this is done. That will go up on createspace so I can print some proof copies for my beta readers. I am not sure how soon exactly but I am 1/3 through these edits so far. I hope to chew through a lot more tomorrow too.

Then comes the harder part of the revisions suggested. Edits are easy by comparison. So if its a lot I’ll be sending draft 3.1 back to her for another run through before we get to call it 4.0 and move on.

We’ll see. I have more to work on than done still.Editing Pic

Patience! I know, I know. It is hard for me to have patience myself! I want this book in my hand already!

Stay tuned. It will be soon. But I want it better more than I want it sooner..

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