Dark Matter evidence



I’m hard at work lately on my Freshman Novel.  It’s a speculative Fiction about the future of Earth.  Well actually it’s about Man’s future, After Earth…

Speculative fiction of course implies, the invented answers to some question or questions.

1) The Exodus.  Why would Mankind hurry up and leave Earth in the near future?

2) What’s going to happen in the very near future that could lead some few to become the wealthiest people in the history of humanity? (Hint: follow the money. Key investments have already been made… well, you’ll see soon enough)

3) Here begins the Sci-Fi stuff!  If someone announced that Aliens are real, who would do so, where and how?  What might the reaction of some Earther’s be?

4) Would all Aliens automatically be our enemies?  What would possible Alien allies do for us, and why?

5) How might our Earth governmental, political and religious differences screw it up for us?

6) Extrapolate 500 years from now, looking back to today, what would the decisions made way back then/now, lead to in our far future?  Would we follow a pattern similar to the exploration and colonization of the New World by Europeans? Or would modern man do any better when moving out among the stars?  What if not everyone made it off Earth in time for the…?

7) If we change the very nature of humans, would our “human nature” come with us or also evolve?

8) What skill sets would help us survive as we colonize other worlds?  Will some naturally die off as unfit for survival?

9) Considering mankind’s major leaps forward in technology have always come from our incessant war making… what if we enjoyed a few hundred years of relative peace?  Will we be ready when the next “evil aliens” come along to eat us and breed with our women… or our men?

10) How could the most recognizable sports hero in the galaxy, the Micheal Jordan of his future time, say, make a career in the covert spy game?

These are the sort of questions I am enjoying answering and will love to share with you when I have created the future.  You’re invited to time travel with me.  It’s a lot of fun, I promise!  Don’t bring a towel.  Think Boy Scouts with Guns.  Big ones.

Original Publish date: FEBRUARY 9, 2014

(photo credit: NASA Dark Matter survey)


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