imdage003Closing in on Completion.

Today I am polishing chapter 21 to send off to my author critic circle. I had a good idea, finally. Its a talky chapter where the hero and villain confront each other on moral grounds. Classic tropes flying back and forth. I have dreaded revising it for a long while, but its almost all I have left.

My plan for Christmas break is to hire myself to work full time on this round of revisions. I am on draft 2 becoming 3. When finished, draft 3 will go off to my editor. I will take in his edits and revisions and send those off to my beta team. Last chance.

Draft 5 will be put up on Amazon CreateSpace this winter. I have a particular reason (big news in March) why I must be done by then. When I do my title and cover reveals I will explain then.

So…. back to work!.

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