Ceres’ Laws of Practical Robotics

Nasa robonauts

(image credit: NASA)


Ceres’ Laws of Practical Robotics:

+Robots are tools. They are not people. They are smart toasters. Do not be fooled.

+Robots are merely self-mobile computers: GIGO applies.

+Robots are as smart or dumb as they are programmed, equipped and instructed to be.

+You can order a robot into self-destructive and destructive actions. That is often the point of having one.

+Xardians influenced the Galactic Law of Robotics and Computronics of 2050 to ensure no self-aware AI is created by mankind. It is unclear if these regulations were successful, let alone enacted in time to prevent any crossing of the technological singularity?

+Advanced Human Interface Programming Simulator mimics personality and emotions. The slang pronunciation of the acronym is, it “Ape”s human personality to remind you, do not be fooled.

+Career Mastery programming which is achieved with a full set of knowledge and lifetime experiences upstreamed from the minds of multiple donors, often give an advanced robot the appearance of emotions, intelligence, and even self-awareness which it does not have.

+Human personality quirks and rarely, split-personality disorder survive through the mind-upstream process to manifest in the robot’s interface personality simulator. Again, do not be fooled. The robot does not care if you think it’s a jerk.

+Optimal interface efficiency with advanced robots may require some degree of humanization to facilitate the most efficient productivity with minimal friction and downtime wasted on argumentative programming in conflict with the personality and emotive algorithms. i.e.; kiss its butt for faster service, just like a real human Chef.



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