CERES 2525

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Galaxipedia Revised Edition 2525.2

Ceres: (“Series”)

  • The largest asteroid of the main asteroid belt, Ceres is also the largest minor planet of Sol system. Terraformed for 500 years, it now comprises over two times the total mass of the former asteroid belt. Ceres contains more fresh water than Earth 1.0.
  • The most famous sports star and most eligible bachelor of the millennium. Ceres Tauri is heir-apparent to the Tarsis family’s trillions in fortune, and control of the family business, StarSys, synonymous with interstellar technology for 500 years.

Striker on the Navy’s Eagles zero-gravity ball team, Tauri set multiple records on offense and defense in his three collegiate years. He dual-majored in piloting and engineering, as do all three year athletes. Most do not achieve valedictorian status in both majors, before an equally distinguished compulsory military Career.

The entire galaxy awaits an announcement if Ceres intends to go professional, extend his military career, or retire in luxury. He is currently on leave after his fourth tour of duty, whereabouts unknown.

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Dramatis Personae:

Ceres Tauri is the galaxy’s favorite sports hero. A member of the powerful Tarsis family, he grew up in space aboard his Uncle’s tug. He is searching the galaxy to find his kidnapped mother, and learning everything he can to properly deal with those responsible once she’s found. This effort is greatly complicated by the fact that every human in the galaxy knows his name and face.

Uncle Manuel Tarsis, once an Admiral in the Galactic, retired to a life of trading and salvaging across the galaxy. He took in his sister and her newborn son when they needed to escape from her abusive New Vegas husband. Now he helps fellow Captains and corporations recover their stolen starships. Uncle Manny is a member of the Tarsis family, the galaxy’s first Trillionaire family thanks to their Mega-conglomerate company, StarSys.

Sensei Aramada once ran a successful dojo, training over a hundred pupils of all ages in the ancient ways of the martial arts. He is extremely loyal to his patrons, the Tarsis family, many of whom he secretly trained. When a kidnapping attempt left several of his students dead, Sensei decided to close the academy and become his young ward’s personal bodyguard against a hostile galaxy.

Serenity O’Shannon is hiding her true nature. Her mental abilities would make her a highly recruited- almost hunted- person in the Galactic economy. To escape unwanted pursuit she boats about the Outer Rim, searching for trustworthy allies and a haven where she can learn how to use and grow her unusual powers.

Medusa, a cross between a jellyfish and squid, once floated in the vast dense atmosphere of Tchlohnn, a gas giant in the outer region of the Large Magellanic cloud. He has left his homeworld to seek adventure across the local group. These tales of adventure will help him breed with a higher ranked female, stories to tell the grandchildren one day.

Tyrian Tauri is insane. He has led the Void Viking pirate band from obscurity to total control over the Periphery, a backwater Outer Rim sector. Using myriad drugs and alcohols collected by his pirate raids, and degenerating into slavery, murder, holocaust and plunder, has warped his mind into thinking himself a king like the Viking kings of ancient legend.

“Grizzly” Barnes is a badass son of a gun. His brital college rivalry on the court with Ceres later led to a lasting friendship. The massively muscled Barnes’ commando team for hire- the Blood Tide- has a storied history of success, meaning destruction and carnage for the enemies of his employers. Barnes believes there is no such thing as overkill.