I am very excited to finally share with you the title of my book:

CERES 2525 will be set in the year 2525, and guess where? Dwarf Planet Ceres is a key location in the galactic setting of my book. As you read this, NASA’s DAWN spacecraft is nosing around the future hotspot of my book!

I am within 3 chapter’s revisions of completing my 3rd draft. The novel is progressing in exciting ways. Over the last year I have improved a lot and one way is my patience for this to be completed with a quality book, not a fast publish.

Last year I attended the excellent writing workshop event “Book’em NC” in Lumberton NC. I made key friends in the regional author community, Dennis Winstead, Susanne Adair, Ginger King, and especially Stefan Duncan. In the year since, Stefan and I really connected and have become best friends.

Yesterday I attended 2015’s Book’em event. I learned quite a bit more to add to last year’s foundation. Most of all was the advice from all of these fine authors to be patient and publish a GOOD book.  That is why I am in ongoing revisions and editing. Another key item was to start the promotion cycle and get the community of expectant fans growing as early as possible. So here we are!

I am happy to announce my title and get the word out there! Stay in touch with my Fb page for updates as I go. I expect to release CERES 2525  this spring of 2015 on Amazon.

Thank you to all of my supporters, especially Scottie Gregory Hundley, Stefan and Karen Duncan, Drew and Lauren Bridges, Gale and Christy Buck, and Jon Batson. Authors Steven Lyle Jordan and Terry R. Hill have given me important technical advice brainstorming for key technologies in my setting. (now I understand those academy awards speech problems… lol)

CNN video exposes Ceres, Dwarf Plant in the asteroid belt.

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