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Reviewed: “The Return: Conglomerate Series”

Great Military Scifi combat! Plot on par with Honor Harrington- Less human politics, more alien encounters.     WS Frisbee is a military tactics expert. This comes through in his novel, a speculation of possible future of

From Her POV

Growing up on Terran Tor, fraught with alien dangers,       Only the strongest women survive. Those who rise to power,              Lead their Matriarchal society, shaping the world.Serenity set out

CERES 2525 back copy

       Ceres 2525 is a spiritual sci-fi action novel about 25 year old veteran Ceres Tauri, set 500 years after the 3rd Great Awakening inspired the Modern Exodus. The playboy superstar of the zero-gravity league, Ceres

“Boys and their toys.”

“Handy little thing.” Serenity joked. “Little?” Ceres shot her a sideways look, peering down quizzically at the huge double barreled disruptor pistol in his hand. “Boys and their toys.” Serenity teased him, repressing a big smile while