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Future Space Colony Scenarios

On Future Space Colony Scenarios: The excellent Isaac Arthur has inspired a Facebook group: “Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur” First I suggest you research why you should LOVE Isaac and his highly scientific videos exploring aspects

Taboos in Science Fiction 1: Spec fiction “hardness” ratings.

Sci-Fi Taboos I found a GREAT series of blog articles about Sci-Fi world building Taboos, by Brian Knack. I have used some of these and broken many of these in creating my “Galactic” setting and writing CERES

Are you a Solman?

Yes, I am looking for my own word for “human” of the future. In a galaxy presumably filled with alien life forms, possibly some sentients yet undiscovered, we may take up a more descriptive name than “Man”

Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth

Speaking of Speculative Fiction… What are your top ways to destroy Earth. Not ruin Earth for humans, thats old hat. This is about methods of total destruction. /discuss: Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth. .


CREATING THE FUTURE FROM SCRATCH   I’m hard at work lately on my Freshman Novel.  It’s a speculative Fiction about the future of Earth.  Well actually it’s about Man’s future, After Earth… Speculative fiction of course implies, the invented


Brainstorm: antigravity and wormholes… How? Here’s where Sci-Fi writers show some of their “speculating” about science. The “What if this is how it works?” part of unknown future physics is todays question: Remember that hover board in