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Romance U. on Website Extras?

Website extras? Lets discuss. What would you like to see on here? I do have ideas. I want to hear yours first, please. Here are a lot of great suggestions from a popular blogger in the romance

Alexandra Solkolov’s Ten Things you didnt know about being a Published Author

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Revise Your Novel Workshop

Since I am taking my 4th draft, compiling my beta reader’s feedback and revising for a final draft, this is timely. http://blog.janicehardy.com/2015/02/at-home-workshop-revise-your-novel-in.html I finished my first draft last summer. Since then I have put in far mor

Draft 4 of CERES 2525

Progress report: I have my draft 3 back from my editor. I am going through these, accepting almost all. That means she’s good! It will be draft 4 when this is done. That will go up on

Draft Day #3

Draft Day #3!! I finished my 3rd Draft today! It is off in cyberspace to my editor! This is a huge milestone as there are few remaining steps before publishing. (at least this is the digest version list:)

My New Website Now Open!

  This has been a long time coming. It is finally official! I chose Gordon Coleman, owner of Raleigh’s GCJ Productions,¬†to design my website and here it is! It is 2015! As a small business owner or