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Author Q’s: How to become a best selling author?

  The latest in my series of blog posts, on interview questions I have enjoyed. Having been interviewed by various people, magazines, and websites, I have plenty of Q and A to share.  When I was interviewed

For Authors: Press Release Template

My local newspaper, the award winning “Wake Weekly” of Wake Forest, NC, ran an article this year, on my local scifi book club’s special meeting. We were thrilled to have Sylvain Neuvel join us via Skype. He answered

Romance U. on Website Extras?

Website extras? Lets discuss. What would you like to see on here? I do have ideas. I want to hear yours first, please. Here are a lot of great suggestions from a popular blogger in the romance

Alexandra Solkolov’s Ten Things you didnt know about being a Published Author

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Revise Your Novel Workshop

Since I am taking my 4th draft, compiling my beta reader’s feedback and revising for a final draft, this is timely. http://blog.janicehardy.com/2015/02/at-home-workshop-revise-your-novel-in.html I finished my first draft last summer. Since then I have put in far mor

Draft 4 of CERES 2525

Progress report: I have my draft 3 back from my editor. I am going through these, accepting almost all. That means she’s good! It will be draft 4 when this is done. That will go up on

Draft Day #3

Draft Day #3!! I finished my 3rd Draft today! It is off in cyberspace to my editor! This is a huge milestone as there are few remaining steps before publishing. (at least this is the digest version list:)

My New Website Now Open!

  This has been a long time coming. It is finally official! I chose Gordon Coleman, owner of Raleigh’s GCJ Productions, to design my website and here it is! It is 2015! As a small business owner or