Brainstorm: antigravity and wormholes… How?

Here’s where Sci-Fi writers show some of their “speculating” about science. The “What if this is how it works?” part of unknown future physics is todays question:

Remember that hover board in Back to the Future 2? What is your best current “device” concept for making that work?  A mineral, a radiation, a thingy? What is in it, what mineral or device, WHAT? that makes it work? It has to be completely benign to people, as electromagnets are, but work on any surface or objects, not just over metals.

I imagine it as an anti-gravity pod of some kind… ring shaped as shown in the movie. “Like” an electromagnet but throwing off anti-gravity or repelling gravity, and in one direction. I like the idea of a “gravitic” effect, field, ray (radiation) in the same way as a “magnetic” field is formed. Instead of iron throwing off magnetism, it’s the “exotic matter” that throws off anti-gravity. Similar visual concept in my head makes it simpler to describe. SO, what is the particle, mineral, or device that emits this gravitic field, under what variable stimulus?

It is adjusted automatically to account for weight and ground obstacles, seeking a preset even ride height clearance off the ground. So, it dips low when you jump on then floats back up to ride height. If you cross a speedbump it will pop up a tad then settle again… If you jump up from the street to the sidewalk it bounces at first then finds the same preset ride altitude, 6 inches or so.

This suggests it is being controlled in intensity, (computer control module, easy) so it is not just a solid state effect (like striking the right metals makes them magnets which continue to work.) Something is changed to make the “field” stronger and weaker to adjust the ride.  Adjust how much electricity flows into/through the emitter or? Instead of electric current flow, how about an EM radiation? Light, laser light perhaps?

2) How do we open a worm hole. With the theories out there right now, what is the best plausible answer?

Dark matter, dark fluid, dark energy are all holding names for “we don’t know what exactly this thing is.”  For now I could use those terms, but I’d rather have a bit more science (than handwavium and unobtanium) as the answer if we can craft one.

The basis of Spec Fiction is “What if?” What if there is a thing, and it is given a name, and it operates like this, and we call it that, in this book today, 50 years before the actual thing is discovered and named.  That’s not so hard to grasp, is it?

Negative Matter is the current trendy name for anti-matter. One possible/theoretical flavor of this is “Reverse Matter. Speculated to have the opposite of gravity towards positive/normal matter. So instead of attracting together (as gravity works between bits of normal matter) it pushes away from matter.

Think about it, would a negatively charged “anti-proton” and a positively charged “anti-electron” be attracted to their counterparts via charge at close range, leading to annihilation, but repel over vast distances on the basis of gravity vs negative gravity? Could this negative gravity be stretching the universe, what we now call expansion is reverse matter pushing apart the universe? What if annihilation of normal matter at the heart of a black hole creates negative matter with its opposite properties?
This also suggests a physical material, a resource that can be formed into plates or rings or something to yield a hovering platform for anti-gravity tanks, trucks, cars and… skateboards, er, hover boards. Would we need to irradiate it or energize it with what to make it beam out the anti-gravity rays? Are “anti-gravitons” involved?  Is anti-grav a natural property in the way a magnetized metal item is magnetic without needing to be further energized?

I am hoping we will discover dark matter to be some kind of exotic , to be a flavor of negative gravity physical stuff, when hit with EM radiation i.e.; light, it emits the antigravity effect. Perhaps a laser focused upon it causes it to emit anti-gravitons or anti-gravity waves?

This is a parallel or maybe inverse trail of cause to effect to how iron, when surrounded by an electrical field emits its magnetic field, repelling or attracting other metals and magnets. Perhaps normal matter’s gravity is just a polar opposite from reverse matter’s anti-gravity? so they repel. Yes, thats backwards on purpose.

Here’s how I’m approaching it for now:

In my WIP setting I am using wormhole generators, most similar to how Babylon 5 had some ships which could project the wormhole in front of them. There are also standing space stations which open wormholes as the basis for most travel networks about the galaxy. For a starship to carry its own, I’m using large structural rings, one or perhaps two of them.

The concept designs of the Alcubierre drive ships are really close to what I’ve envisioned all along. The rings would have to be on the bow, since they open the wormhole in front of the ship. Then, attendant ships fly through followed by the “carrier”, often a warship, of course. Civvies ships use the static network and arrange pickup times when they wish to enter or leave a remote system.

The mineral resource making it work is a cop-out to just call it “dark matter” which I think is now overdone. At some point we will ID the thing responsible for the extra gravity which holds galaxies together and call it a name. I have a name for it in mine.  Then I have it vibrated with a resonance pattern and the effect of that at certain frequencies of vibration is to open the wormhole, connecting to the exit mouth in different space-time coordinates. (I have decided to disallow time travel as a matter of restriction.)

Since music moves the soul, i have decided to use sound and music as the vibrational resonance. Its just a poetic device for vibrating the material.

String theory and Brane theory both have nods to vibrations, and the concept of particles as energy strings vibrating…. Led me to this idea. Also Tesla was deep into research about harmonic frequencies. It is claimed that he had a device which vibrated and could bring down buildings in range based on finding their harmonic frequency that vibrated them and hammering away at that freq.  (I think this is conspiracy theory stuff not reality, but such is often the “science” basis of SpecFic, eh?)

So I would prefer to riff off that somehow.  I have my ideas written in already. I’m seeking input from the community on refinements, name of the stuff, the resources, the devices… Maybe together we can better shape this dark matter antigravity wormholing thingy into a something with a name, a material and a functional concept?.

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