Future Space Colony Scenarios

01000On Future Space Colony Scenarios: The excellent Isaac Arthur has inspired a Facebook group: “Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur” First I suggest you research why you should LOVE Isaac and his highly scientific videos exploring aspects

Is this Christian Scifi?

01100 They told me, if you can’t find the book you want to read, write it! So I did: Ceres 2525.   Contrary to most of the SciFi market, I wanted to read about how Christianity *thrives*

Reader Feedback for Ceres 2525

01100       Reader Feedback about CERES 2525:   “Now that is some great writing! Do a lot more of that!! Good work!” -Terry R. Hill, NASA engineer, author of “Third Exodus”   “Great work! I

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

00010 Where did you get the idea for your most recent book? Micheal Lee Nelson A: During my teen years, I brainstormed and worked out my own answer to an old unanswered literary question I identified.Plato said

Reviewed: “The Return: Conglomerate Series”

00000Great Military Scifi combat!     WS Frisbee is a military tactics expert. This comes through in his novel, a speculation of possible future of Earth dystopian galaxy. The well rounded characters drive the plot, as they

From Her POV

01200Growing up on Terran Tor, fraught with alien dangers,       Only the strongest women survive. Those who rise to power,              Lead their Matriarchal society, shaping the world.Serenity set out

Taboos in Science Fiction 1: Spec fiction “hardness” ratings.

03300 Sci-Fi Taboos I found a GREAT series of blog articles about Sci-Fi world building Taboos, by Brian Knack. I have used some of these and broken many of these in creating my “Galactic” setting and writing

Life as Inspiration in Ceres2525

01121A frequent question asked of authors: “How does your real life intrude into or inspire your writing?” My mom loves hummingbirds and butterflies. Outside our front door she had one of the largest fuscia bushes I ever

Jurassic Sci-Fi

00000Working on revisions over the last few days. I finally saw the Jurrasic World movie too. Out of that I decided to move up ome revelations of one character’s backstory that should peak some interest. My redhead

Go for it!

01000Go for it! is the phrase of the day. Of my beta readers only one suggested a particular major revision. He has published more books than all the rest combined, though, so I give his advice some

Storyboard Outline helped me start

01000I watched “Finding Nemo”s and The Incredibles extra discs. I saw how they did a HUGE story board across the whole wall. I did that and wrote it down into my outline. Here’s how:I had a large collection of

Romance U. on Website Extras?

01111Website extras? Lets discuss. What would you like to see on here? I do have ideas. I want to hear yours first, please. Here are a lot of great suggestions from a popular blogger in the romance

Alexandra Solkolov’s Ten Things you didnt know about being a Published Author

00000Reblogged: http://booksthathook.com/guest-post-published/      .

CERES 2525 back copy

00111       Ceres 2525 is a spiritual sci-fi action novel about 25 year old veteran Ceres Tauri, set 500 years after the 3rd Great Awakening inspired the Modern Exodus. The playboy superstar of the zero-gravity league, Ceres

Revise Your Novel Workshop

11000Since I am taking my 4th draft, compiling my beta reader’s feedback and revising for a final draft, this is timely. http://blog.janicehardy.com/2015/02/at-home-workshop-revise-your-novel-in.html I finished my first draft last summer. Since then I have put in far mor

Are you a Solman?

00000Yes, I am looking for my own word for “human” of the future. In a galaxy presumably filled with alien life forms, possibly some sentients yet undiscovered, we may take up a more descriptive name than “Man”

Draft 4 of CERES 2525

01111Progress report: I have my draft 3 back from my editor. I am going through these, accepting almost all. That means she’s good! It will be draft 4 when this is done. That will go up on

Void Viking Promotion

00100“I’m proud of you son. Very inventive. You’re a crafty one, just like in the Sphere. You’ve earned your place with the Void Viking’s,” Tyrian said with pride. Ceres was getting the hang of his father’s respect

The Writer’s Inspirational Theme Music

02000While writing I like to listen to certain songs I have collected. Some remind me of my hero, a couple of villains, others just feel heroic enough. This helps keep me on genre, mostly, and my hero

“Boys and their toys.”

00100“Handy little thing.” Serenity joked. “Little?” Ceres shot her a sideways look, peering down quizzically at the huge double barreled disruptor pistol in his hand. “Boys and their toys.” Serenity teased him, repressing a big smile while