Author Q’s: What is Scifi?

Interviewed by Donna Campbell Smith for the Grey Area News, here is a Q and A.

This marks the second in a series of blog posts of interview questions I have enjoyed.  Last time we talked about the writing process, whether I was a pantser of plotter? This time we’re onto what is it about scifi that distinguishes it from other fiction genres?

Q) What is unique about writing sci-fi?

A) Scifi is the slice of speculative fiction, generally imagining what the future holds, using scientific laws. Our reality, our technology is extrapolated into alt-future possibilities. What’s hard is what’s unique, trying to maintain a reader’s suspension of disbelief by writing as realistically as you can, things you only imagine are possible.

As actor Bill Nye says, “SCIENCE!!” This must be the basis to justify everything in scifi. The further away from established science one wanders, the more likely to lose readers and get accused of writing fantasy on foreign planets.

Space Opera graphs as the cross-over between the two, where things like religion, Psionics &/or “the force” bring in elements normally thought of as magical.

In our fraternal twin, the Fantasy genre, the speculation is, what effect do magical powers have on the setting and its inhabitants. The writer is freer to imagine wilder “Un-Real” things, justified by “MAGIC!!”

Next time we will get into “Worldbuilding.”

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