Author Q’s: What inspires you to write?


This marks the fifth in a series of blog posts of interview questions I have enjoyed. Having been interviewed by various people, magazines, and websites, I have plenty of Q and A to share.  When I was interviewed online by, they had over 200 sample questions to get the juices flowing. Here’s the latest Q and A.

Last time we talked about what books inspired my writing. This time its a zoomout to talk about the bigger picture.

Q) “What inspires you to write?”  


A) I am a contrarian. Over 40+ years of enjoying reading and watching scifi, I often had the thought: “One day if I write a novel, I’ll do this that way…”  I had reactions to “Hitchhiker’s Guide,” Star Trek, and some major themes of the scifi genre in general, which helped me slowly build my galaxy/worlds in my mind.

What happened to me is, these “what if” questions about the past and future of mankind have percolated in the back of my head for a long time, questions inspired by the genre, my contrarian nature, and my observations as I simmered through life. I needed to catch fire!

Then along the journey, I conceived of my own kind of heroic character. I took the name of the largest Asteroid in Sol system, Ceres, and added the name of one kind of surviving remnant of a supernova, the T-Tauri star, and named him “Ceres Tauri.” I feel this name carries major expectations for him.

He is like my imaginary friend, and he tells me these crazy stories! I got excited thinking of him and how he would live in this speculated future of Earth I imagined! I wrote it down. I told others, showed more still. They caught my enthusiasm for my character, my story. They encouraged me to share it with you, the reader, the sci-fi fan, the world! They got me fired up to write more!

I imagined, what kind of MFL, main female lead character, would Ceres match up with best? One day I was writing a kind of fanfic, casting about for a character hook and saw a great example come on TV, the “Lord of the Dance” on PBS. There we go: Tall, Irish, Redhead, Dancer. Great character hook. I imagined what might the classic Irish folks become if there was a colony full of them on some dangerous planet? I think I created a good foil for Ceres. She has abilities of her own that complement but fustigate his. He can be all Mr. Bond James Bond on the asteroids but she works from a different skillset that baffles him.

So, the basis of ongoing inspiration is, I am creating this grand Galactic setting that I enjoy world building. I have these great characters who live there (yes in my head) They go on being themselves and the interactions are high drama and action and great dialogue. I often leave bed at 11 pm and run to the computer to jot down notes for a scene that just popped in my head out of space. Some of my best work comes that way. *Poof* Thank you, God.


Added to the original answer, I have enjoyed many conversations with friends and readers of Ceres 2525. They often ask me to explain some detail of the book or setting. Many have impressions of the characters which I created by leaving certain details out of the first novel. I mean, its already a 110,000 word full novel. I could only put so much in. And I intended it to be like an onion, peeling away layers as books go by to get more at the deep heart of important matters over time.

So as I write the second book I have little notes to make sure I answer this or that question, or reveal that aspect of the setting or a character to build clarity. Fan interaction is great fun. Please chime in on Twitter or facebook and let me know your favoritie parts, or questions. I’ll make up an answer, fresh!


The full interview.

Next time we will get into questions #OnWriting with “Must authors be grammar nazis?”

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