Author Q’s: Must authors be grammar nazis?

The sixth in a series of blog posts of interview questions I have enjoyed. Having been interviewed by various people, magazines, and websites, I have plenty of Q and A to share.  When I was interviewed online by, they had over 200 sample questions to get the juices flowing. Here’s the latest Q and A.

Last time we talked about what inspires me to write. This time we’ll discuss the care and feeding of grammar nazis.


Q) Do all authors have to be grammar Nazi’s?

A) I am not one. I’m a fair proofreader, and poor typist. But I let Word red-underline my first corrections, ProWritingAid finds many more, and my “alpha” and beta readers catch those that get past those shields. Then I pay an editor to polish it.

For the writer, it is progress, not perfection, and an A-team of backup. I am not a fan of grammar nazi’s. In the guise of claiming “constructive criticism” we have devolved into allowing cyber bullies to destroy some people’s work and reputation and drive them from creating. This just on simple texts of 140 characters? Or a medium such as the Facebook or Instagram post? There are not high-literary venues. They are designed for a quick note dashed off, thrown into the vortext quickly while someone is moving between scheduled or random life event.

Amazon book’s preview function allows potential readers to make enough of a decision on the quality of a book vs intrigue in characters and story before buying. I prefer to be positive and point out to people their strengths, but their need for help with proofing and editing, not to destroy them myself.

It should be instructional to more of them, that they earn the distastful title “nazi” connected with their habits of un-invited correcting of grammar on the internet.

So the answer is no.

Having said all that about bullying on the social marketing venues, the other side of the coin is the writing work itself. Here, yes, you want to do the best you can, but, writer, realize, you are too close to your own work.

Send it off to the best editor you can afford. And do hope that, within that approriate context of the actual job of editing manuscripts, they are the best grammar nazi your money can persuade to revise your work.


The full interview.

Next time we will get into questions #OnWriting with “What is your writing style?

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