Life as Inspiration in Ceres2525

fuschia with hummingbirdA frequent question asked of authors:
“How does your real life intrude into or inspire your writing?”

My mom loves hummingbirds and butterflies. Outside our front door she had one of the largest fuscia bushes I ever saw. My brother Jay and I loved to pop the bulbs a little early, lol. But we got to enjoy hummingbirds a lot. It was too windy for butterflies on the coast, so she put up many arts and crafts butterflies.

For my ‪#‎scifi‬ setting, I have the ability to create anything in the universe I can imagine. Inspired by my own mom, I have created an idyllic island for‪#‎Ceres‬‘ mom’s house. Their house, before her kidnapping. The Tarsis family will have caretakers, gardeners… but Ceres took over the main decision-making, guided heavily by Grammy and aunts, of course.

I envision a scene, early in book 2, where Ceres takes love-interest Serenity home to the family planet Ceres, to regroup and prepare for the next step in his greater quest. They go island hopping; Ceres is small water planet with dome-covered islands. Each preserves a unique former biome from nearby Earth 1.0.

Households, families within the Tarsis clan, each have their own island to create their personal paradise. They have different tastes- some enjoy skiing so they have a high mountain with variety of slopes. Some enjoy water skiing so they have their own atoll- the dome wraps underneath, protecting them from the sharks in the oceans.

Another loves pheasant hunting so it is a great game preserve. Grammy breeds special hounds, which figure into that as well. Others have horse country. Some enjoy cliff climbing. Etc, etc. whatever they wish can be built when you are terraforming the entire planet from scratch.

Annemarie, Ceres’ mother, was building a huge butterfly garden and taking holo-pics of the flowers and butterflies. The dome would preserve the climate year-round, so the plants would have to rotate into and out of season with the A/C, like microclimate controls- weather control. Then the butterflies and hummers would migrate to the other part of the island/dome where the season was turning right for them, just as happens today on Earth 1.0.

Ceres shows all of this to Serenity. She is impressed with the vision and beauty of what his “mother grew,” she says. Ceres cousin, chaperoning the pair on the island hopping, explains, Ceres had all this built, to complete his mother’s unfinished plans. He did some of the handiwork himself.

I just realised how to go farther with this inspiration. Book 2, Ceres 2526, is about completing the quest to find Ceres’ mother. Some of the details I wrote above about her interests, could be used as clues to send out into the galaxy, past her captors, which only Ceres would recognise. So I just untangled a big knot in my story. That’s inspiration. Thank you!

So that is a tiny taste of how our real life might inform our creative ‪#‎worldbuilding‬ and character creation, and enable opportunities for some conflicts and ‪#‎romance‬ angles between them.  #amwriting



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