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“Then along the journey I conceived of my own kind of heroic character. He is like my imaginary friend, and he tells me these crazy stories! I got excited thinking of him and how he would live in this speculated future of Earth I have imagined! I wrote it down. I told others, showed more still. They caught my enthusiasm for my character, my story. They encouraged me to share it with you, the reader, the sci-fi fan, the world! They got me fired up to write more!”

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  • Author Q’s: How to become a best selling author? - 00000  The latest in my series of blog posts, on interview questions I have enjoyed. Having been interviewed by various people, magazines, and websites, I have plenty of Q and A to share. ¬†When I was interviewed online by, they had over 200 sample questions to get the juices flowing. Here’s the latest Q […]